Jurien Bay

I was down at Jurien bay with fellow team mate Curtis Waterman and on one of the days we went out on the boat we decided to fish for skippy. When we got there I only had my big rod and my my rod with 2kg mono on it. Curtis and his Dad said I had no hope of catching anything and on my first drop I got a little pink snapper. On my next drop I got absolutely smoked by something big which snapped me off. We fished there for about an hour and got 13 skippy all up all from 40-45cm. I got the most with 7 and proved Curt and Russ wrong that light line catches good fish!


2 thoughts on “Jurien Bay

  1. Hi this is Jawad from Mrs.kriese class in Texas part of #16 stubc. I would have thought that your friends would be right about the fishing line, but I guess light fishing lines can catch good fish. Maybe not as well though. I’d love to have you come visit my blog at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/jawad9162022/.

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